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2022 OSCE Asian Conference

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Rome/Vienna [ENA] Participants at the 2022 OSCE Asian Conference, held in Vienna on 15 June 2022, discussed synergies and opportunities for co-operation with a particular focus on the role of women in building confidence, peace and security, on climate‑related challenges to security and on the role of civil society today. Participants debated also opportunities to strengthen security and co-operation between Europe and Asia.

Hosted by Sweden, the 2022 OSCE Asian Partners for Co-operation Group Chair, the conference was held both online and in person from Vienna. In her opening statement, Ann Linde, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, underlined the unique opportunity the Chairpersonship gives Sweden to contribute to strengthening the partnership between the OSCE and Asia, and to safeguarding the rules-based international system. Highlighting the complex challenges posed by Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine and last year’s negative developments in Afghanistan, the minister stated: “The only way to overcome the acute challenges we face is to work together to reconfirm our commitments while holding to account those who violate them.”

Ambassador Adam Hałaciński, Permanent Representative of Poland to the OSCE, Chairperson of the OSCE Permanent Council underlined that as we monitor the changing security landscape across the OSCE area, Asia, and beyond we face challenges the character of which is not restricted to one state’s territory or even to one region. “The Russian aggression against Ukraine is not only a tragedy for Ukraine and a fundamental challenge for the international community, but also is a game-changer for international relations globally,” Ambassador Hałaciński said. Bujar Osmani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia, called for strengthened partnership while reaffirming North Macedonia’s support for further OSCE engagement in the region

to mitigate risks and address challenges related to the crisis in Afghanistan, particularly in neighbouring participating States. “Today’s global security challenges are common, immediate and immense. We are sharing similar problems and worries and thus we should share the burden of responsibility for active co-operation and engagement,” he added. “The war against Ukraine remains our clear focus, and at the same time, the work we do together with our partners is vital,” said OSCE Secretary General Helga Maria Schmid. “This conference is an opportunity to share what we’ve done on a range of topics – including our work to assess and address potential security risks stemming from climate change – and to learn from our Asian partners

about their experiences.” “The world needs more multilateralism, not less,” said Sarun Charoensuwan, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Thailand. “It is especially in these trying times that we need to explore and exhaust all possible avenues to allow for continued dialogues paving the way for win-win resolutions and further intensifying international co-operation on all fronts.” The annual OSCE Asian Conference gives OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation an opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned in Asia.

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