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Record for the 3rd edition of the Venice Boat Show

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View of the "Darsena" Boat Show of Venice 2022   Bild: Mario Bonesi

Italy-Venice [ENA] The third edition of the Venice International Boat Show closes its doors with a real record of visitors. Over thirty thousand people have visited what is considered one of the most important events on the international nautical scene, and it is constantly growing.

9 days dedicated to: shows, conferences and various events. More than two thousand professionals who were involved for the success of the 3rd edition of the Boat Show, many political and institutional personalities intervened in over 50 cultural and in-depth events between mee r ting and talk shows, to give the right prominence at the maritime event. 200 exhibitors, over 400 accredited journalists, 300 boats, of which 240 in the water, for a total length of 2.7 kilometers. Important numbers, which give space to persevere and improve for the next events.

“The signs of our exhibitors are of satisfaction and also of surprise for the quantity of customers and closed contracts - adds Alberto Bozzo, the marketing director of the Show - This makes us happy because the exhibitors must win and be satisfied with the Show. Many shipyards have confirmed their participation again next year, asking for the same positioning and more berths. The public from Northern and Eastern Europe makes this event international and the future speaks of an expansion of the Show ".

Boat Show of Venice 2022

Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice and creator of the event: "With this Salone, "people of the sea "answered the call and demonstrated the fascination of sailing. It was an important edition, which strengthens the event in the trade fair calendar of boating and that pushes us to do even better for next year. It was a very attended show full of technological innovations in a green key. Boating is one of the sectors that is gaining the best in our country and of which Italy boasts a world first. The next Boat Show will be from 31 May to 4 June 2023 ".

Like last year, we at “GidiferroTeam” also wanted to give a sign and a contribution to our presence at the third edition of the Venice International Boat Show, creating a short film and some photos with the contribution of Morena Montin and Andrea Bonesi. The video (in Italian) can be found at this Link: While the photo gallery with 50 photos at this link:

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